Are You Advertising on Facebook for More Likes? You Need to Watch This Video


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I know a lot of Realtors have Facebook pages to market themselves and their business.  Have you advertised on Facebook to generate more likes for your page?  If you have advertised on Facebook or if you are thinking about it for the future then you have to watch this video.

Very informative.

Will Realtors Be Needed in the Future?


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Here’s a very interesting quote from Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow:

“Today, a good agent has to be an expert negotiator. They have to be a great marketer. They have to have deep local expertise. They have to be a transactional guide to a client.

Whereas, before the Internet, a great agent just had to be an information gatekeeper; someone who had access to the secret database that you and I didn’t have access to. Those days are long gone. Now we have access to all the same information as a real estate agent because of mobile devices and the Internet, so the role of the agent is changing.”

My take:

Great negotiator = Know your Contracts, Study Negotiation strategies

Deep local expertise = Specializing in a niche or geographic area

Transactional guide = Advisor, Consultant.  Customers need our reassurance and help through process.

Great marketer = Strong online presence on the web–provide value through marketing

My opinion is Realtors will always be needed in the future.


How to Win in a Multi-Offer Situation With Your Buyer


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The last few days I have been helping a Buyer in preparing an Offer in a competitive situation where they were multiple Offers.

My Buyers won!!  The Sellers accepted our Offer.  Very exciting :)

Here are some tips to help you when you are helping a Buyer and you are competing with multiple offers.

1.  Increase the amount of earnest money your Buyer submits with the Offer.  Do not do an Alternative Earnest Money Deadline–deliver the earnest money check with the Offer.

2.  Coordinate with a home inspector and have the home inspection scheduled as soon as you can after the Contract is accepted.  Two days after would be ideal and then set the Resolution Deadline for one day after.  I don’t believe in waiving the Inspection for Buyers.

3.  Have your Buyers write a heartfelt and genuine letter to the Sellers.  Highlights–how much they love the house, how they love what the Sellers have done with the house, how they are going to love living in the house and will take great care of it.  It has to get the attention of the Seller in a good and emotional way.  The personal part of the sale for the Seller is very important–it’s not just about the money for some Sellers.  Do not include a picture of your Buyers with letter–against Fair Housing Laws.

4.  Write a summary sheet and give highlights of why the Seller should choose your Offer.  Make it easy for the Seller to read your Offer so it will stand out.  Remember they will be frantic reviewing 5-10 Offers.  If you can deliver a hard copy of the Offer to the Listing Agent so this make it easier for them to accept it since yours is already printed out and all they need to do is sign it.

5.  You as the Realtor play a very important role in this so you need to make a positive impression.  Highlight your strengths as a Professional Realtor.  Get the other Realtor to feel confident in your abilities.

6.  Set the Closing date based on exactly what the Seller needs.  Find this out ahead of time.

7.  Don’t jerk around with inclusions and exclusions–just do it exactly the way the Seller wants per the listing sheet.

8.  This goes without saying but if your Buyer is getting a loan then include a Lender Letter with the Offer.  Keep in touch with the Lender if Closing date is tight to make sure they can fulfill their end of the deal.

9.  Communicate effectively with the Listing Agent without stalking them.

10.  Coach your Buyers in that we will do the best we can to get the house but if we don’t we will find another one.  Make sure they don’t get too upset if they lose the deal.  Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Good luck to you!!


What is Important to Young and Older Real Estate Clients?


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I came across this today when surfing the internet in the morning—

“When choosing an agent, younger buyers were more likely to place the agent’s honesty and trustworthiness as a higher factor than older buyers, while older buyers rate the agent’s reputation and their knowledge of the neighborhood as a higher factor—perhaps because older buyers tend to move longer distances and may not necessarily know the neighborhood.”

Source: 2014 National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends

I find this very interesting because it fits in exactly with the heart of my book:  “The Honest Real Estate Agent.”  For those of you who have read my book you know what I mean.

Consumers want a Realtor who is honest, trustworthy and has expertise in their area of need be it a neighborhood, market segment, etc.

I personally don’t get hung up in age categories for clients and just assume all clients want this.



Staging Your Home For Sale? Follow This Easy Guide And Find Success!


Good post! Thanks Michaela :)

Originally posted on Twin Cities Real Estate Cafe:

Staging Your Home For Sale? Follow This Easy Guide And Find Success!If you are going to be staging your home for sale in the near future, you will most likely want to do it as professionally and successfully as possible to get the best sale price.

Many owners have to put a lot of money into their home before they can sell it, and some even invest in a staging expert to come to their home and do an assessment before they put it on the market.

You don’t have to spend too much on getting your home ready, though, and you can do a lot of it yourself. Consider these basic staging tips when you are going to stage your home.

Clean Your Home From Top To Bottom

While you would most likely clean your home before you attempt to sell it, if you really want your sale to be successful, clean every single thing in the home. This includes…

View original 383 more words

New Realtors: Don’t Give Up–Your Clients Need You


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This past weekend I got back to work after a ten day vacation in Hawaii.  Like most people I didn’t want to come home.  The Big Island of Hawaii is beautiful and where we stayed on the Kona side the weather was amazing–the high temp was 82 degrees and the low temp was 72 degrees everyday.  I’m not kidding, load Kailua, HI in your weather app and check it out.

But once I got back into the swing and working with my Clients it felt so good to be back.  One of the best parts about being a Realtor is the relationships we build with our Clients.  I have also come to realize how much our Clients depend on us.  They trust us and need our help and advice.

So for you newbies out there keep this in mind when things get tough and you have some challenging patches.  We all have our slow times and difficult stretches.  Don’t let the hard times get you down.  Being a career Realtor is not easy so keep at it.  The payoff will come when you least expect it.  For me I felt it this past weekend reconnecting with my clients after a ten day vacation.

Don’t give up.

What is the Question Consumers Will Ask about Realtors in Future?


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For years when consumers have needed a Realtor the question has been:  Which Realtor should I use?   It was a given most consumers would use a Realtor when they bought or sold a home.

Lately, some consumers have been asking:  What type of Realtor should I use?  A full-service Realtor or a limited service Realtor?  (Limited service Realtors most times offer a much lower cost to consumers or a rebate back to the consumer in some cases).

In the future, consumers will ask:  Do I need to use a Realtor when buying or selling a home?

Ah, this is question I want all of you to consider going forward.  In the digital age there’s so much information available to the consumer which was not the case ten to fifteen years ago.  Some consumers will feel they can do it themselves.  We’ve always had “For Sale By Owners” but eventually we will see more Buyers doing it themselves as well.  Check out Zillow’s “Make Me Move” listings where a potential Buyer can contact the Seller directly.

How do we respond to these future consumer shifts?  We keep building and promoting our value as full service Realtors to the public.  Content Marketing is so important because it displays your knowledge and expertise in your market.  You have to have Testimonials available somewhere online for your prospective Clients to see so you can show how you’ve helped and added value to other consumers.  I don’t see Realtors going away because a good portion of consumers still need our expertise and help.  It’s a complicated transaction and process and consumers need our guidance and support.  But we must be aware of the shifts in the marketplace.

What are your thoughts on this issue?  Are you seeing this trend as well?

Be the Customer as a Realtor and You Learn So Much


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I’ve always said one of the best ways to improve as a Salesperson is be the customer, see how it feels to be on the other side.  When I was younger I did a lot of role playing to improve my sales skills and I learned the most when I was acting the role of the customer because it was so helpful to feel what the customer goes through.

Yesterday my wife and I viewed a home for ourselves.  Our current home is very nice but we have a few issues we’d love to improve upon–a bigger mud room when you enter the house through the garage, a bigger master bedroom closet, a finished basement and maybe more space in the family room.

The house we looked at yesterday was amazing, it had all of these features and so much more.  We were blown away by what we saw.  But we ran into one stumbling block.  The kitchen in the house was really small and not as high end as our kitchen in terms of appliances.  In the back of my head yesterday a voice was saying:  “but it’s a beautiful house, you can make a small sacrifice and just live with this kitchen.”

Last night we were cooking dinner at house and my wife and I both realized even though the house we viewed was amazing the kitchen would just not work for us.

My point is that Buyers will always have at least one or two “must-haves” they will never give in on so don’t press them.  You are not the one who is going live in the house, they will, so let your Buyers decide on which house they want to buy.


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